Welcome to the Craps King Casino Entertainment Blog.  I thought I would use our 1st Official blog to introduce ourselves and outline current and future interactions.  I’m Jenifer Fricker, owner of Craps King Casino Entertainment (Yes, a female business owner) and I will be your Pit Boss on this journey.  As you can see by our website, we provide casino party entertainment & photo booth rentals.

What Does That Mean?

  • Casino Party Entertainment – No real money (ever). Entertainment only.  So, think of hiring a DJ.  The DJ arrives, sets the equipment and plays music.  When the DJ is done, they take down the equipment and go home.  Now, replace the speakers with Casino Tables.  Yep, you have it!

  • Any Occasion – So, for whatever reason you want to bring a group of people together to celebrate, we can entertain them. Corporate events (Employee appreciations, Business anniversaries, Sales meetings, Employee Teambuilding events, Holiday Parties++) – Private events (Birthdays, Anniversaries, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs++)

  • Any Location – We service all of Indiana. Indianapolis, Carmel, Fishers, Greenwood, Plainfield, Bloomington, Columbus, Lafayette, Richmond – No problem!  In addition, we service all Venues imaginable (Banquet facilities, Hotels, Clubs, Bars, Museums, Arenas, Convention Centers, Private Residences).

With that refresher out of the way, let’s talk about the Craps King Entertainment Blog.

Our Purpose — In the realm of Casino Party Entertainment – I will use our blog to teach, present solutions, answer questions, provide news/updates, correct misconceptions, exchange stories & facts, entertain and engage with you!  You — Our casino party client, Potential client, Casino game enthusiast, Dealer or Potential dealer.  By the way – We will not use our blog to promote gambling.

Our Topics — Topics for the Craps King Entertainment Blog will include Client’s FAQs (Examples:  How much does a casino party cost? How many tables should I have for a group of 100 guests?  Should I have more Poker Tables?  How long will it take to set-up/teardown?)  In addition, I believe it’s important to discuss Fundraisers (Indiana Gaming Commission guidelines; Charity Gaming) as well as some “How To’s”, Tutorials and an occasion story or 2 (that we can learn from).  These topics are just a few ideas that spring to mind.  I welcome your input as well, should you have a particular question or suggestion.

Our Blog Author — The Craps King Entertainment Blog will be written by yours truly, Jenifer Fricker, for the near future.  Maybe one or 2 of our Dealers as well (but we will have to see how that goes)!

A little about me:  I have 16 years invested in Craps King Entertainment (started in 2002) after a personal “Honeymoon in Vegas”.  I am an avid Blackjack player (love it!!).  I am a college graduate with an Accounting/Management (Manufacturing) background.  So, I know how to build a quality product!  After leaving the corporate world, Craps King Casino Entertainment has become my passion.  From Day 1 the goal at Craps King Entertainment – Bring true Las Vegas to every client with Quality Casino Tables & Accessories; Fun, professional Dealers; Complete (start to finish) Customer Service.

Limitations — Ok some limitations to our Blog.  1)  Customer Issues, 2) Vulgarity and 3) Response time.

  • Customer Issues – We will not be using the Craps King Entertainment Blog to handle customer issues.  Any customer issues should be handled through direct conversation via email or phone.
  • Vulgarity – Keep it clean!  No profanity.
  • Response time – I will respond to all items within 48 hours.

So, again, Welcome to the Craps King Entertainment Blog.  Please visit often! Enjoy our articles! Comment!  Suggest topics!

Ok – Shuffle up and Deal!