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Deluxe Craps

  • 3 Uniformed Dealers
  • Stand Up
  • 4 ft. x 14ft
  • 24 Players

Standard Craps

  • 2 Uniformed Dealers
  • Stand Up
  • 4 ft x 8ft.
  • 16 Players

Single-Dealer Craps

  • 1 Uniformed Dealer
  • Stand Up
  • 4ft x 6ft
  • 10 Players

Deluxe Roulette

  • 2 Uniformed Dealers
  • Stand Up
  • 4ft x 16 ft
  • 20 Players

Standard Roulette

  • 1 Uniformed Dealer
  • Stand Up
  • 4ft x 8ft
  • 10 Players


  • 1 Uniformed Dealer
  • Stand Up (Barstools Included)
  • Sit Down
  • 4ft x 6ft
  • 7 Simultaneous Players

Spanish 21

  • 1 Uniformed Dealer
  • Stand Up (Includes Barstools)
  • Sit Down
  • 4ft x 6ft
  • 7 Simultaneous Players

No Limit Texas Hold’em

  • 1 Uniformed Dealer
  • Sit Down
  • Requires 10 Chairs
  • 4ft x 7ft
  • 9 Players

3-Card Poker

  • 1 Uniformed Dealer
  • Stand Up (Barstools Included)
  • 4ft x 6ft
  • 7 Players

Money Wheel

  • 1 Uniformed Dealer
  • Stand Up
  • 4ft x 6ft
  • 8 Players

Building A Custom Casino

We can create a custom casino specifically for your event based upon your:  Budget – Room Size – Number of Guests


We know that Budgets are a necessary evil.  We get it!  Tell us your budgeted amount for the casino or an “amount per guest” and we can take it from there.

Room Size

What is the allotted space for the casino?  That’s all we will need to design your event.  If you want to develop a general scheme, use the following table dimensions.

Number of Guests

Let us know your estimated number of attendees and we can create several options for you to review.  ** Hint ** We suggest that you create enough playing positions for AT LEAST HALF of your guests.  Here are some examples for various group sizes.

Casino Party Planning

If you have never hosted a Casino Party before, you’re not alone. We are here to help!  We will talk you though the process & ensure you are comfortable with all the details.

Quote Process

What to Expect


  • Custom Quote
  • Make Your Selection
  • Casino Party Contract
  • Deposit (1/2 Event Cost)
  • Check, ACH, Credit Cards
  • Deposit Receipt
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Event Logistics

Getting Organized


  • Venue Visit
  • Develop Event Timeline
  • Develop Prize Giveaway
  • Determine Play Money
  • Establish Chip Exchange
  • Determine Dealers
  • Confirm Final Details
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Prize Giveaway



  • Equal Play Money
  • Cash-in at Tables
  • Receive Chips
  • Cash-out at Cashier
  • Chip Exchange
  • Raffle Tickets/Drum
  • Biggest Winner(s)
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Casino Party Day

Day of Event


  • Set-up prior to Guests
  • Dealer Arrival
  • Play Money Handout
  • Gaming
  • Cash-out
  • Prize Giveaway
  • Teardown
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